Shouldn’t we just boycot the NHL all star game?

Read the entire article, the rich people just keep getting more and more corrupt, they could have just let this ride and changed the rules for next year’s joke of a game.

An embarrassing joke All-Star vote campaign had become a feel-good story for a hard-working, good guy and his family. Everybody wins.That makes what happened on Friday so tragic.Scott was traded to the Montreal Canadiens, who immediately stashed him in the AHL and said they weren’t going to call him back up. He’s ineligible for the All-Star Game now. And everything about it was so transparent.

Source: Hockey fans made John Scott an All-Star, and the NHL made him pay for it –

This was a stain and they had to remove it. I disagree it IS a person, and while he is making a good chunk of money for only playing in 11 games this year he is still a person. He did not choose this.

If he had played, it would have been a one and done, and people would remember fondly the year that guy got in the all-star game.

But now they will remember that the league is just a bunch of rich guys that screwed over John Scott and his pregnant wife.


Some Crumbs I found recently

here are some of the things that I have read about this week that I want to remember in my timeline here.

and now for some better news!

Jimmy Carter still working to make the world a better place. “I hope the last guinea worm dies before I do.” Jimmy Carter


wow wow wow, some people have too much time on there hands


and ha ha ha

and this seems a bit excessive.

A 26-year-old Turkish hacker named Onur Kopçak was sentenced Sunday to 135 years in prison for stealing 11 people’s credit card information and selling it to other cyber criminals.

With this new sentence approved by the Mersin third Criminal Court of General Jurisdiction and his previous 199-year sentence from 2013, Kopçak will serve a record 334 years in prison.

Vikings offense gave up more pressures per dropback than any other offensive line in the Pro Football Focus era.

Vikings offense often floundered and gave up more pressures per dropback than any other offensive line in the Pro Football Focus era.


now is that saying much? what is the era of PFF? what is that 8 or 10 years at the most.

The rest of the article is great for football enthusiast, and I highly recommend reading it.

Source: What Does Tony Sparano Bring to the Minnesota Vikings? – Daily Norseman


The now defunct TV show Raising hope has become one of my favorite Netfix binges .
The show is my kind of humor.
My other favorite show is My name is Earl.

And it turns out that one show is a fan of the other.

A look back

I generally do not look back on my posts, for me they are like water in a stream.

I stumbled on THIS and remember most of it. The first part was my true heart as I was quite anguished over that trip. What was not said, is that the summer trip was canceled due to lack of interest. By the next year’s trip I was in a dark place and did not feel called to go. At least that is what I kept telling myself. I think I was so bitter over the 2010 trip that I refused to listen to God. I never went in 2011 even though the plead in the last paragraph of the original post was coming at me in full. (probably for the best that I did not recognise that).

Speaking of the last paragraph, I hate it now. it sounds so self absorbed. Probably because it was, as was the whole thing. I am trying to find what God’s plan is for me, where he wants me to go, when, and with who.

It’s a constant struggle to hear God. The mission trip this year has been fairly silent. What I think God is calling to me is “love the human race”, and “every available minute”??

Glory to God above.

Be Driven by Convictions, Not Confidence – Pete Wilson

Be Driven by Convictions, Not Confidence, those word have rung true for me, and I can’t help thinking about someone that has reached out to me about going on a mission trip. The person sound truly called by what they have said. But the reservations that are stated by this person are lack of confidence and lack of approval from those she loves.

Most of the decisions we make in life are based on confidence. Do I feel confident that I could do this? Can I pull this off? This confidence most often comes from the support and approval of those around us.But be careful. If all of your confidence is based off the people around you, you’re only going to do things that those people believe that you can do.What about the dream God has laid on your heart? At some point, you have to make decisions based on a deep conviction, and not just the confidence you’ve built from the approval of others.

Source: Be Driven by Convictions, Not Confidence – Pete Wilson

I have felt this myself in the past, especially around the mission trip, but not only the mission trip. for almost 10 years I have not felt like the people around me that I love have given approval of the trip.

One person has said repeatedly, that they do feel like what we do could make a difference. Americans have been providing assistance for years and they still need help.

Other people are more passive. No examples come to mind without those people feeling like I have pointed them out.

SSH Backdoors

This is just crazy, how long was it that Cisco had a similar issue? 2014
And when will Checkpoint join this list?

The IT community was shaken a few weeks ago when Juniper Networks firewalls were found to contain “unauthorized code” that seemed to enable a backdoor. Now, Fortinet firewalls have been found to contain an apparent SSH backdoor as well. “According to the exploit code, the undisclosed authentication works on versions 4.3 up to 5.0.7. If correct, the surreptitious access method was active in FortiOS versions current in the 2013 and 2014 time frame and possibly earlier, based on this rough release history. The weakness was eventually patched, but so far, researchers have been unable to locate a security advisory that disclosed the alternative authentication method or the hard-coded password.” A spokesperson for Fortinet told El Reg, “This was not a ‘backdoor’ vulnerability issue but rather a management authentication issue.”

Source: SSH Backdoor Found In Fortinet Firewalls – Slashdot

The Internet of Things that Talks About You Behind Your Back – Schneier on Security

This is seriously  creepy stuff.

SilverPush is an Indian startup that’s trying to figure out all the different computing devices you own. It embeds inaudible sounds into the webpages you read and the television commercials you watch. Software secretly embedded in your computers, tablets, and smartphones pick up the signals, and then use cookies to transmit that information back to SilverPush. The result is that the company can track you across your different devices. It can correlate the television commercials you watch with the web searches you make. It can link the things you do on your tablet with the things you do on your work computer.

Treadmill Running is my least favorite thing to do.

I recently signed up to run a marathon, this will be my second marathon.
The first one I ran was about 4 years ago. It went well. I finished about the time that I thought that I would.

This particular marathon has an aura to it, and that is why I wanted to run this marathon. The day that I signed up, I injured my hamstring and have not been able to run much since that day.

The hard part is getting motivated after waiting out the injury. This has happened in the past. Having the marathon on the calendar is a real good motivator. I hate to waste money.

So I am behind in my training, it has been below zero the last few days. That makes it difficult to get motivated. Running on the treadmill has never been fun to me.

So I am trying some cross training during this time, using the elliptical and stationary bike more often. At this point this will have to be what I hang on to. I know from past experience that running outdoors or indoors (not on a treadmill) is the best training plan. But when you are unable to, or unwilling to run do to the cold weather, take the next best steps and try to get back to running as you would fully want to as soon as you can.

I keep that drive alive with the cross training. trying to finish strong.

I have been able to convince my sister to run a 5k, and maybe two other people. Also one other guy that I talked to is considering running a marathon after talking with me. I will help him where I can. But I hope that his motivation is true to him so that he can have that feeling of accomplishment.

Liquid Metal Batteries

I somehow learned about this stuff 3 years ago, and like to keep tabs on it.  In bold below is what caught my attention.

The liquid metal battery (LMB) project seeks to develop a low cost and long lifespan battery for grid-scale stationary energy storage. The battery utilizes three liquid layers as the electroactive components, including a liquid metal positive electrode, a fused salt electrolyte, and a liquid metal negative electrode. The three liquid layers float on top of one another due on their density differences and immiscibility, promising low assembly cost with use of inexpensive materials. Furthermore, liquid electrodes avoid common failure mechanisms of solid-state battery components, potentially enabling a long lifespan device. Current research efforts encompass a wide range of scientific topics and engineering challenges, including fundamental thermodynamic measurements of candidate electrode couples, computational thermal modeling, electrochemical studies of molten salt electrolytes, long term corrosion and lifespan testing, testing and characterization of complete single-cell batteries, and scaling up the design to build larger single-cells.

Source: Liquid Metal Batteries