Stranger Things

A new series on Netflix. Stranger Things

This is a short series (season 1 is eight episodes). that we were able to watch with my whole family. I have a  middle school son whom I consider will adjusted in life.

My wife was given this recommendation from a friend that has three children younger then middle school.

The series is centered around a missing child and a mysterious girl that shows up.

We are half way through the series and it has some very interesting plot lines going on. I am enjoying it and just thought I would shoot out a word of encouragement to check it out if you have Netflix.



The now defunct TV show Raising hope has become one of my favorite Netfix binges .
The show is my kind of humor.
My other favorite show is My name is Earl.

And it turns out that one show is a fan of the other.

How I Met Your Mother

This sitcom details desperate bachelor Ted’s epic search for his soul mate, told through flashbacks as an adult Ted recounts to his kids how he met their mom. As Ted bounces from one red herring to another, his best friends help keep him grounded.

via How I Met Your Mother.

This is one of my favorite shows, well written, well planed, well played out. And Marshall Eriksen is a Viking fan, just like me, and he is named after one of my favorite Vikings, unlike me!