there are no more files

At first I thought my drive was full. but the error did not make sense. “there are no more files.” So that led me to believe that the PDF I was downloading had issues.

So I tried saving a word doc from one file location to another and I got the same error there are no more files.

I started to panic thinking that perhaps this is how some ransomware started, but fortunately I found that was not the case either.

Google search showed me that this had been a problem with Window 7 many years ago. and when I added windows 10 to my search, it showed me that it was a recent issue also.

What is “There are no more files” error?

“There are no more files” error pop-up mainly occurs on ASUS computers running Windows 10 Pro and Home versions. It has been first registered on June 13, the same day when the cumulative update KB4022725 (OS Build 15063.413 and 15063.414) has been released, and apparently it has been triggered by the mentioned update. The “There are no more files” but prevents PC users from saving files on the local hard drive. The problem is not related to a specific file type as it may occur while trying to save MS Office Suite 2010, Adobe Acrobat X, Adobe Photoshop, photos (.jpeg, .png), videos, and others. The bad thing is that the “There are no more files” error hasn’t been officially confirmed yet and does not have fixes. However, the good thing is that several tech-savvy people grasped the footprints of “There are no more files” culprit and helped many people to resolve it. According to them, this error is usually triggered by ASUS Data Security Manager (ADSM) or third-party security tools.

And I found this as the easiest explanation to correct the issue

Go to Start/Search and type Services.msc and press enter. Find ADSM service, double click it and Stop the service.
Now go to Start/Search and type appwiz.cpl and press enter. In the Program and Features, uninstall ASUS data security management program. Restart the computer.

Since I had never used ADSM, when it asked about Vaults, I have no issue with getting rid of them, since there should not be any.

Thanks to the many tech savvy people that have come before me to tackle this problem.