there are no more files

At first I thought my drive was full. but the error did not make sense. “there are no more files.” So that led me to believe that the PDF I was downloading had issues.

So I tried saving a word doc from one file location to another and I got the same error there are no more files.

I started to panic thinking that perhaps this is how some ransomware started, but fortunately I found that was not the case either.

Google search showed me that this had been a problem with Window 7 many years ago. and when I added windows 10 to my search, it showed me that it was a recent issue also.

What is “There are no more files” error?

“There are no more files” error pop-up mainly occurs on ASUS computers running Windows 10 Pro and Home versions. It has been first registered on June 13, the same day when the cumulative update KB4022725 (OS Build 15063.413 and 15063.414) has been released, and apparently it has been triggered by the mentioned update. The “There are no more files” but prevents PC users from saving files on the local hard drive. The problem is not related to a specific file type as it may occur while trying to save MS Office Suite 2010, Adobe Acrobat X, Adobe Photoshop, photos (.jpeg, .png), videos, and others. The bad thing is that the “There are no more files” error hasn’t been officially confirmed yet and does not have fixes. However, the good thing is that several tech-savvy people grasped the footprints of “There are no more files” culprit and helped many people to resolve it. According to them, this error is usually triggered by ASUS Data Security Manager (ADSM) or third-party security tools.

And I found this as the easiest explanation to correct the issue

Go to Start/Search and type Services.msc and press enter. Find ADSM service, double click it and Stop the service.
Now go to Start/Search and type appwiz.cpl and press enter. In the Program and Features, uninstall ASUS data security management program. Restart the computer.

Since I had never used ADSM, when it asked about Vaults, I have no issue with getting rid of them, since there should not be any.

Thanks to the many tech savvy people that have come before me to tackle this problem.



Liquid Metal Batteries

I somehow learned about this stuff 3 years ago, and like to keep tabs on it.  In bold below is what caught my attention.

The liquid metal battery (LMB) project seeks to develop a low cost and long lifespan battery for grid-scale stationary energy storage. The battery utilizes three liquid layers as the electroactive components, including a liquid metal positive electrode, a fused salt electrolyte, and a liquid metal negative electrode. The three liquid layers float on top of one another due on their density differences and immiscibility, promising low assembly cost with use of inexpensive materials. Furthermore, liquid electrodes avoid common failure mechanisms of solid-state battery components, potentially enabling a long lifespan device. Current research efforts encompass a wide range of scientific topics and engineering challenges, including fundamental thermodynamic measurements of candidate electrode couples, computational thermal modeling, electrochemical studies of molten salt electrolytes, long term corrosion and lifespan testing, testing and characterization of complete single-cell batteries, and scaling up the design to build larger single-cells.

Source: Liquid Metal Batteries

Google DNS stopped working after windows updates

I am running window 7 and after the windows Tuesday updates, I had some issues.
Running Firefox, I noticed that some web pages were not resolving, and some were. I have a wireless connection with DNS settings to OpenDNS servers. I also have a wired connection with DNS settings to Google DNS servers.
after the updates from Tuesday, is when the issue started happening. Immediately, I could tell that my other PC was still working using default DNS settings from my ISP. So knowing my set up, it was easy to disable the wired network to test what was going on.

With the wired network disconnected, everything started to work just fine.
When I reconnected the wired network some sites failed.
I then changed the DNS setting on the wired network, to prove that the issue was DNS or the wired network.
once the changes took effect, everything started to work just fine.
So now I am at the state of two networks, one wired and one wireless, both using Open DNS. and all systems are green.
I then disabled the wireless network, and put the DNS settings back to Google DNS servers.

This worked, but I don’t know why.

I was able to recreate this after restarting the machine again.

So in the end I am not sure what I have learned. I have had my set up like this for years.

How to shut down Windows 8 easily, and how to boot to the Desktop | ExtremeTech

The proper way of shutting down Windows 8 is through the Charms menu, which can be opened by moving your mouse to the top right corner and then sliding down (a horrible gesture), or hitting Windows Key-I (much better). Then just click the Power button and select Sleep, Shut Down, or Restart.

The other option, which I prefer, is simply going to the Desktop and hitting Alt-F4. This pops up the old-school (Windows XP/2000) Windows Shut Down dialog. This method is particularly useful on dual-screen setups, where you will often have the Desktop visible on one of your monitors.

via How to shut down Windows 8 easily, and how to boot to the Desktop | ExtremeTech.

How to shut down Windows 8 | PCWorld

Try this below, if it is too confusing, try this link here

Windows 8 notoriously lacks a Start button, so obviously the old rules don’t apply here. More on that in a moment; in the meantime, here’s how to shut down Windows 8:

1. Mouse over the little gadget in the lower right corner of the screen. (You can also move your mouse cursor to the upper left corner; same result. Or, you can press Windows-C on your keyboard.)

2. In the slide-out menu (known as the Charms Bar) that appears, click Settings.

3. Click the Power button, and then click your desired action: Sleep, Shut down, or Update and restart.

So, there you have it. In Windows 8, it requires four actions to shut down your PC: hover, click, click, and click.

via How to shut down Windows 8 | PCWorld.

I have a box saying the itunes library…: Apple Support Communities

I have a box saying the itunes library file cannot be saved. You do not have enough access privileges for this operation.

via I have a box saying the itunes library…: Apple Support Communities.

Unlike what the users on that forum found, I have a Window system.

I needed to check the permissions on the folder that I store all of my iTunes media in. I found three that I did not recognize, and removed them.

iTunes micro update crossfade play count not fixed

iTunes updated the other day and I was quite excited as it was just a few weeks since the last update broke the play count not updating and last play date not updating.

The only work around I found is to turn off crossfade, which I really like.

I am sad to say that we are still waiting for Apple to fix this issue. I am sure it is minor to them and will be addresses soon enough, but this is a major pain for people who use play count for smart playlists. I for one live by the smart playlist and really enjoy crossfade.

iTunes 11 crossfade playback eliminates play counts – MacRumors Forums

Current workaround is still to turn off Crossfade and restart iTunes.

I failed to mentioned that you may need to restart iTunes here or here

I would think using cross-fade is a fairly common option. And I would think play counts and Last Played (yes, that field is also not being updated) are VERY commonly used criteria in smart playlists.

via iTunes 11 crossfade playback eliminates play counts – MacRumors Forums.

iTunes 11 play count

I think I have found something else going on with iTunes 11 and the play count, other than what I found here.

I have found a few songs that the play count changed for no reason? Last play date is a few weeks ago, (before the upgrade), and now they have no number in the # of plays. searching I have only found this so far.

I will keep my eyes open, but as always if you have something please comment.