(not) Running

Running can be fun, but it is work, and it is not always a high priority.

Running has taken a back seat lately to many things.

Kids, Swimming championships for the young one, as well as Mountain bike team.

Night times with my wife are important.

Chores need to get finished, some daily, some weekly. Others as needed.

Work, takes 40 hours a week for just about any person, but more and more people are talking about 50-60 hour work weeks.

Volunteering activities.

Running must find a spot in this list and it must find it soon.


Treadmill Running is my least favorite thing to do.

I recently signed up to run a marathon, this will be my second marathon.
The first one I ran was about 4 years ago. It went well. I finished about the time that I thought that I would.

This particular marathon has an aura to it, and that is why I wanted to run this marathon. The day that I signed up, I injured my hamstring and have not been able to run much since that day.

The hard part is getting motivated after waiting out the injury. This has happened in the past. Having the marathon on the calendar is a real good motivator. I hate to waste money.

So I am behind in my training, it has been below zero the last few days. That makes it difficult to get motivated. Running on the treadmill has never been fun to me.

So I am trying some cross training during this time, using the elliptical and stationary bike more often. At this point this will have to be what I hang on to. I know from past experience that running outdoors or indoors (not on a treadmill) is the best training plan. But when you are unable to, or unwilling to run do to the cold weather, take the next best steps and try to get back to running as you would fully want to as soon as you can.

I keep that drive alive with the cross training. trying to finish strong.

I have been able to convince my sister to run a 5k, and maybe two other people. Also one other guy that I talked to is considering running a marathon after talking with me. I will help him where I can. But I hope that his motivation is true to him so that he can have that feeling of accomplishment.

Marathon Chronicals #4

Great run on Saturday, five miles with no pain. The run was all on the treadmill and my goal was to run for one hour. Speed did not matter. I figure that if I am going to finish the TC Marathon, it is going to take time, the mileage is known, but the hours of running is the unknown for me.

I have been listening to the marathon training podcast and ready Hal Higdon’s book Marathon: The ultimate training and race guide.

I enjoy the book and both the podcast and the book both keep reminding me not to over train, and not to worry about time, just finish.

I am short on time, and I wanted to get this posted Sunday.

Until next time.

The marathon chronicals

I signed up to run the Twin Cities Marathon.

And following this post will be my travels from a “no one” who ran no further than one mile at a time to crossing the finish line on October 7 th 2012.

So weird run today, I am still nursing an injured calf. (That is a story all it self). So after I came home from work, I found that I had time for 5k. So I took a run around the block. (yes I am lucky that one lap around the block, my block, is exactly 5k).  But anyhow, the reason for the run is to try and keep my base up, to the pathetic measly level it is at. But my plan is to run slower, as that does not hurt too much.

Before my injury I was just breaking the 10 minute mile. since my injury I had been targeting 12 minute miles with the occasional 11:30 perhaps 11 minute mile. That had been going good. However on Sunday I ran four miles and halfway through my stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, so very stupid calf started to give me some pain. I walked about 1/4 mile or so, then figured out a runing method to get me back home.

So back on today. I ran 5k, focus on running slow. But I never checked my pace, just ran and “Danced” along. Sometimes my Nike+ does not match my stride length exactly so I will track my run before I run so that there is absolutely no question about how far I ran. This time I decided to run the extra that was needed to complete the 5k according to the Nike+. When I was done I had 10:21 pace for the entire 5k, WHAT!! I thought I was running slow. How did I ever run that fast when trying to run slow…. and with no pain.

I guess it won’t be long and I will be running sub 10 with no pain.


Right now I am just hoping that I can run through, no walking, the “Get Lucky” 7K when I run with my cousin/sister. She should help keep my pace where it needs to be so that I can be ready for the TC Marathon.



The marathon chronicals

Yesterday I was able to convince my son to agree to sign up to run the marathon also. So I signed up officially and he has agreed to run it with me.
Now this is probably not that big of deal to some of you. Perhaps you are a not a runner and thinking a marathon is so far from your mind that you have it unfathomal.
Well here is my background and a little bit about why I want to run a marathon.

Start at the beginning. I ran track in high school, i was a sprinter. I would guess that Mr. Harris would not even know my name. I was the slowest sprinter on the team. A few of my friends were on the distance team. The brothers, and at least on one occasion they asked me to join, or something like that. I think that I was trying to find my event.  Anyhow, I recall telling them, there is now way I will ever run two miles. The 400 felt like early death to me. So why in the world would I want to run any further. Eventually I found my niche on the track team. Either I could continue being the slowest sprinter, or I could start to be the weakest disc and shotput’r. I chose the later because I could then run the weightman relay as my third event. It was nice to feel needed, and i had no problems with it, as i was still not that fast.

My running career ended after my junior year. Never missed it, never thought i would come back to it…. until next post!

The marathon chronicals

I signed up to run the Twin Cities Marathon.

And following this post will be my travels from a “no one” who ran no further than one mile at a time to crossing the finish line on October 7 th 2012.

I am a 45 year old man, happily married for 23 plus years. We have three children, D is 18 and a freshman in college. E is a sophamore in highschool. J is a 3rd grader in elementary school.

I have lost between 40-45 pounds since September 2010 by changing the way i eat only. Thank you to Weight Watchers for that. However I am still over weight…

Running Time

Time to run is now, find the time, make the time, just run. The people in this world that are successful are the ones that start now, not set a date to start.

I have been running since September and have been logging all of my runs since October, and syncing my runs with Nike+ since December 18, 2011.

as of today I have logged runs for about 180 miles.

my new year plans include

Run for 800 miles

Bike for 2012 kilometers about 5.5K a day.

Elliptical for 30 minutes a week. this one is low due to all the other stuff

Run for 20 day streak in January (including December)

Run for 30 day streak in February including January and March.

Streak run must be at least 1 mile in length at current pace.

I am no longer tracking my steps like I did previously.

www.dailymile.com so far the best overall site for what I have and need.

www.smashrun.com Great site for comparing like runs but limited to only runs

www.runningahead.com Great site, no Nike sync at this time, but it is in the works.

www.nikerunning.com disastrous start to the Nike + Apple failed sync, failed logins I nearly gave up.

www.active.com Sight is slow in December 2011