Shouldn’t we just boycot the NHL all star game?

Read the entire article, the rich people just keep getting more and more corrupt, they could have just let this ride and changed the rules for next year’s joke of a game.

An embarrassing joke All-Star vote campaign had become a feel-good story for a hard-working, good guy and his family. Everybody wins.That makes what happened on Friday so tragic.Scott was traded to the Montreal Canadiens, who immediately stashed him in the AHL and said they weren’t going to call him back up. He’s ineligible for the All-Star Game now. And everything about it was so transparent.

Source: Hockey fans made John Scott an All-Star, and the NHL made him pay for it –

This was a stain and they had to remove it. I disagree it IS a person, and while he is making a good chunk of money for only playing in 11 games this year he is still a person. He did not choose this.

If he had played, it would have been a one and done, and people would remember fondly the year that guy got in the all-star game.

But now they will remember that the league is just a bunch of rich guys that screwed over John Scott and his pregnant wife.