Packer Hail Mary

As a Viking Fan living in Wisconsin, this has been yet another year of torture. This season was to be a step forward for the Vikings, making the playoff, and a missed field goal away from beating the once almighty Seahawks. Instead the season started with a pop of Teddy Bridgewater’s knee. followed by a long list of mistakes, injuries and missed opportunities.

The Packers meanwhile were on the downward trend by the end of last year, Losing to the Vikings for the first time in like 8 years to end the regular season. They did win the playoff game, as losing that game to the Vikings gave them an easier game then the mighty Seahawks. However there is not much difference in NFL teams that make the playoffs. As they say any given Sunday. The Redskins were hot but not consistent, the Packer were a good team but inconsistent without  their star receiver, Jordy Nelson most all of the season. Aaron Rodgers looked frustrated for the first time in all the years I have been forced to watch him. This team was so inconsistent that it took not one, but two plays with no time left on the clock. The first was the play that basically sent the Detroit lions team into the depths of despair as a NFL team. Earlier they had beaten the Packers, at Lambo, looking like they might finally turning the corner, but instead they used this failure to close out the Thursday game against the Packer and the Hail Mary with 0 Seconds on the clock to return the loss column in strong fashion. So back to the hail mary and the play before. The Aaron completed a 19 yard pass and it was lateraled back and back and finally as the clock had run out the Lions tackled Aaron Rodgers. Game Over. But wait, the luckiest team on the face of the planet, if you look close you can see that some skin of a player touched Aaron Rodgers face mask. Flag, 15 yards for face mask. Game does not end on a defensive penalty. One more shot for Detroit to sweep the Packers, and gain some much needed dignity. NOOO, 61 yards the ball is thrown straight up in the air and comes done in the other Rodgers hands, where was the defenders? why is no one just trying to deflect the ball? Touchdown Green Bay.

Cardinals Playoff game

Everyone remembers the hail mary at the end of the game to send it into OT. but right before that hail mary for the TD, Aaron Rodgers basically had another for 60 yards, so one one series he had a 60 yard pass, and a 41 yard pass on two plays! Crazy, but as watching this team reluctantly for the last 20, almost 25 years, I have come to expect this kind of thing. Too many times Brent Favre and the Pack would be down and with only seconds left on the clock, he would wing one out there and low and behold…. TD. But Favre may have had the best career of any Packer QB, but watching Aaron Rodgers now, I suspect Favre may be the second best QB in Packer history. I think that Aaron Rodger might be the best of all time, ALL TIME. better than Peyton, certainly better then Brady. But it is too early for that discussion.

Giant Hail Mary half time

I did not see it, I heard it on the radio. I left the game and the Giants were playing well enough to win, missed a few opportunities to get Big points and settling for FG. But now the Half was winding down, almost to the 2 minute warning. Oops Pack scored, Time for the Giants to get one more TD or FG , take the lead and run the clock down. The Win probability has already started to change, listening to the game, I did not get that same feeling. But when the Giants had to punt again, making no treat and only forcing Green Bay to use 2 timeouts, I figured it was not good. Aaron Rodgers really had not been completing many passes, he had the consecutive incomplete passed on at least one drive, that is usually enough to stop a drive, but there was a penalty in there on the Giants so they got field position out of it. Anyhow back to he final drive of the half. Two runs and one pass and they are at the 50, and on 4th and 2 HAIL MARY…. What in the world?!!? again no one seems to see the ball outside of Cobb?? Rodgers can through that ball far and high, and if they don’t practice that, I am a monkey’s uncle.


The season ended for the Pack, before I could finish writing this. But Atlanta figured out how to beat this lucky team, throttle them so bad, that luck cannot come into play.



If you can’t beat em cheat or change the rules

I live in the packer state, so I am a little biased. Some Packer fans are pompous overconfident jerks. These are the ones that totally forgot the seventies or are too young to remember them.

Some are irrationally despondent. These are the ones that quickly fail to recall this team successfully completed three hail mary passes in one season.

But I am sure that both sides of those fans will jump on board with a rule change if it comes to that.

Following the game, a couple of prominent Green Bay players expressed their dissatisfaction with the way overtime is done in the NFL.

#Packers Clay Matthews On the current overtime rules “Let’s go college rules. Just put us on the 25 or whatever it is and let us go at it.”

— Mike Jurecki (@mikejurecki) January 17, 2016
“Yeah it’s tough, we’ve lost a few of these over the years where you don’t touch the ball in overtime. It’s just the way it goes. It comes down to a coin flip sometimes after a long, hard fought game, back and forth, plays made – bizarre plays made by both teams –and unfortunately it comes down to that.” – Aaron Rodgers,

Strangely enough, the Chicago Bears proposed a rule this last offseason that would have guaranteed each team getting a possession in overtime. The Packers voted against it. Granted, only three teams voted for it, but it’s interesting how quickly the tune changes.

I find it very funny that they voted against it.

Vikings offense gave up more pressures per dropback than any other offensive line in the Pro Football Focus era.

Vikings offense often floundered and gave up more pressures per dropback than any other offensive line in the Pro Football Focus era.


now is that saying much? what is the era of PFF? what is that 8 or 10 years at the most.

The rest of the article is great for football enthusiast, and I highly recommend reading it.

Source: What Does Tony Sparano Bring to the Minnesota Vikings? – Daily Norseman

2016 Minnesota Vikings

The Season ended yesterday for my favorite NFL team. While it was a disappointment for me, my friends and my family. I personally achieved something that I have not done in a long time, if ever before, I was able to suffer the loss with disappointment and not anger, no yelling, nor disgust.

Now granted, I do not do all of those things with each Viking loss, but the playoff losses that I have experienced over the years, I have not exactly dealt with dignity or self control at times.

Yesterday’s loss was met with peace, disappointment, a bit of shock. I love football, and I love the vikings. Not as much as I love my wife or family, or my God. but they are right up there, perhaps a bit too high on the list.

Blair Walsh is a decent kicker, a human that wanted to make that kick more than any of us watching him wanted him to. Things happen, bad weather that affects kicking like no other aspects of the game, and you have NO way to practice for it. Crazy I know, we all expect the holder to be able to spin the ball to get the laces pointed away from the kicker when it was so cold (insert your own cold description here). And the kicker is expected to kick it straight through uprights.

The game had many different opportunities for the Vikings to win it. The second drive of the game, they have a 1st and goal and were not able to get a TD! that was huge. The inability to tackle the slippery Russell Wilson when the snap goes over his head, and at least one defender on that play should have to pay the price of a ticket for the game since he was watching and not covering Tyler Lockett, Adrian Peterson fumble, HUGE.

This game adds to the Viking lore… and we hear once again “just wait until next year”
although I think this time, for the first time in a long time, we can take that one a bit more seriously.