Year in review

Last year 2016, was an interesting year. Trump was elected President with no political experience!?! People seems to not be willing to say that they would vote for Trump, but still did?! Isn’t the Poll anonymous?

Well Politics aside, still a very interesting year.


Cubs win World Series against the Cleveland in 7 games. Way to go Cubbies! Maybe next year Cleveland. My Twins were expected to make to some waves, and started with a horrendous losing streak to start the season. My Vikings nearly defeated the once mighty Seahawks, only a missed field goal kept them from taking the lead late in the game with time running out. The Kicker Blair Walsh then seemed to forget how to kick, and lost his job to some guy named Kai. The team lost the starting QB before the season started, then proceeded to lose just about every linemen if not every linemen for multiple games. Not to mention the old #28 who look rather pedestrian before being hurt. And he again rushed back to only look mediocre on handful of carries.

well that is enough for today.



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