Last Supper

This morning we read Mat 27:1-45 as a small group.
This brought up a few questions.
When was the last supper? Traditionally I had been brought up to believe this was Thursday. But one member of our group, who is Catholic, said he believed that it was on a Tuesday. While I was trying to recall why I thought that it was on Thursday, he said that the “Lost Sea’s Scroll’s had proved it was on a Tuesday”.

So I decided to look into it, and this is what i found.

First I recalled just reading an article on the timeline of the holy week on so I called that up.

What Happened on Thursday showed a portion of this timeline below.

This however did not fully satisfy him, although it did bring doubt into his thoughts. For myself I knew what I had been taught, but was open to further study as the timeline of the last supper does not affect my faith in the least.

So when I got home, I began to search and what I found was interesting enough that I thought I would share.

First a simple google search on the “was the day of the last supper tuesday

First result was from catholic education Org



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