If you can’t beat em cheat or change the rules

I live in the packer state, so I am a little biased. Some Packer fans are pompous overconfident jerks. These are the ones that totally forgot the seventies or are too young to remember them.

Some are irrationally despondent. These are the ones that quickly fail to recall this team successfully completed three hail mary passes in one season.

But I am sure that both sides of those fans will jump on board with a rule change if it comes to that.

Following the game, a couple of prominent Green Bay players expressed their dissatisfaction with the way overtime is done in the NFL.

#Packers Clay Matthews On the current overtime rules “Let’s go college rules. Just put us on the 25 or whatever it is and let us go at it.”

— Mike Jurecki (@mikejurecki) January 17, 2016
“Yeah it’s tough, we’ve lost a few of these over the years where you don’t touch the ball in overtime. It’s just the way it goes. It comes down to a coin flip sometimes after a long, hard fought game, back and forth, plays made – bizarre plays made by both teams –and unfortunately it comes down to that.” – Aaron Rodgers,

Strangely enough, the Chicago Bears proposed a rule this last offseason that would have guaranteed each team getting a possession in overtime. The Packers voted against it. Granted, only three teams voted for it, but it’s interesting how quickly the tune changes.

I find it very funny that they voted against it.


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