Be Driven by Convictions, Not Confidence – Pete Wilson

Be Driven by Convictions, Not Confidence, those word have rung true for me, and I can’t help thinking about someone that has reached out to me about going on a mission trip. The person sound truly called by what they have said. But the reservations that are stated by this person are lack of confidence and lack of approval from those she loves.

Most of the decisions we make in life are based on confidence. Do I feel confident that I could do this? Can I pull this off? This confidence most often comes from the support and approval of those around us.But be careful. If all of your confidence is based off the people around you, you’re only going to do things that those people believe that you can do.What about the dream God has laid on your heart? At some point, you have to make decisions based on a deep conviction, and not just the confidence you’ve built from the approval of others.

Source: Be Driven by Convictions, Not Confidence – Pete Wilson

I have felt this myself in the past, especially around the mission trip, but not only the mission trip. for almost 10 years I have not felt like the people around me that I love have given approval of the trip.

One person has said repeatedly, that they do feel like what we do could make a difference. Americans have been providing assistance for years and they still need help.

Other people are more passive. No examples come to mind without those people feeling like I have pointed them out.


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