Treadmill Running is my least favorite thing to do.

I recently signed up to run a marathon, this will be my second marathon.
The first one I ran was about 4 years ago. It went well. I finished about the time that I thought that I would.

This particular marathon has an aura to it, and that is why I wanted to run this marathon. The day that I signed up, I injured my hamstring and have not been able to run much since that day.

The hard part is getting motivated after waiting out the injury. This has happened in the past. Having the marathon on the calendar is a real good motivator. I hate to waste money.

So I am behind in my training, it has been below zero the last few days. That makes it difficult to get motivated. Running on the treadmill has never been fun to me.

So I am trying some cross training during this time, using the elliptical and stationary bike more often. At this point this will have to be what I hang on to. I know from past experience that running outdoors or indoors (not on a treadmill) is the best training plan. But when you are unable to, or unwilling to run do to the cold weather, take the next best steps and try to get back to running as you would fully want to as soon as you can.

I keep that drive alive with the cross training. trying to finish strong.

I have been able to convince my sister to run a 5k, and maybe two other people. Also one other guy that I talked to is considering running a marathon after talking with me. I will help him where I can. But I hope that his motivation is true to him so that he can have that feeling of accomplishment.


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