2016 Minnesota Vikings

The Season ended yesterday for my favorite NFL team. While it was a disappointment for me, my friends and my family. I personally achieved something that I have not done in a long time, if ever before, I was able to suffer the loss with disappointment and not anger, no yelling, nor disgust.

Now granted, I do not do all of those things with each Viking loss, but the playoff losses that I have experienced over the years, I have not exactly dealt with dignity or self control at times.

Yesterday’s loss was met with peace, disappointment, a bit of shock. I love football, and I love the vikings. Not as much as I love my wife or family, or my God. but they are right up there, perhaps a bit too high on the list.

Blair Walsh is a decent kicker, a human that wanted to make that kick more than any of us watching him wanted him to. Things happen, bad weather that affects kicking like no other aspects of the game, and you have NO way to practice for it. Crazy I know, we all expect the holder to be able to spin the ball to get the laces pointed away from the kicker when it was so cold (insert your own cold description here). And the kicker is expected to kick it straight through uprights.

The game had many different opportunities for the Vikings to win it. The second drive of the game, they have a 1st and goal and were not able to get a TD! that was huge. The inability to tackle the slippery Russell Wilson when the snap goes over his head, and at least one defender on that play should have to pay the price of a ticket for the game since he was watching and not covering Tyler Lockett, Adrian Peterson fumble, HUGE.

This game adds to the Viking lore… and we hear once again “just wait until next year”
although I think this time, for the first time in a long time, we can take that one a bit more seriously.


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