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These are the articles I found interesting this week, hope you enjoy.

First on the list, one of my inspirations to get up off my rear end and do stuff, rather than sit in church and be complacent. Francis Chan. He points out how we in the American churches are strangely compelled to get comfortable in our pews, and not uncomfortable in the real world that Jesus called us out to be a part of. I know for me personally that this kind of thought process was how I lived for too many years. Please read the full interview, and please follow it up with the action that you are called to.

We are bombarded with messages urging comfort and safety. That’s what our flesh desires. We seek security through where we live or how much money we have in the bank. We’re so clouded by the world’s messages that we can’t see straight. We try to make American principles biblical principles. We’ve created a Christianized version of “the American dream.” We are tainted by the world, and it’s a fight every day not to conform.

People could read Crazy Love and for a moment say, “I want to live for eternity,” but they will hear contrary messages within a minute of putting the book down. Every day we’re pushed towards complacency and selfishness.

Next is an article on Theology, the author explains how his theology has grown though the years from I am right and you are wrong, into something more honest. I like the article as it really shows how many of us have changed in our beliefs, I however still cling that there can only be one right theology, and most of us will not fully understand it, as we are only human. Well worth reading.

…but there is another theology that I believe supersedes these – the theology of holistic reconciliation based on the life and words of Jesus who promoted love, grace, mercy and justice as the most critical components of our theology of the philanthropic God. When it comes to theology on issues, the most important theological question for me is “How does my theology of holistic reconciliation apply love, grace, mercy and justice to my theology on this issue that I have formed from my environment, noesis and experience?” And this, I hope, produces a more honest theology.

 Read Part 1 Here and Part 2 Here

Mock Drafts

With the NFL Free Agency starting this week, I am sick and tired of hearing all of the mock drafts, in the latest Mock draft Joe Montana is dropping to the third round, I guess this guy does not have what NFL GM and coaches are looking for in a NFL Quarterback. I mean give me a break! The mock draft has its place, but it is not now, it give only a small bit of insight in the week leading up to the actual NFL draft.


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