Send Subscribed Posts from Google Reader to WordPress Blog

The following was a great help to get my the things I wanted to share onto this blog. Thank you!

For Self Hosted WordPress Blogs

Google Reader is having an option to add custom “Send To” button through which you can actually send data to social networking sites, online bookmarking places and other services on web. To send a selected post from Google Reader panel to your self hosted WordPress blog, you need to follow the below steps.

1. Go to Google Reader Settings page and click on “Send To” tab

2. You can see a list of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious etc. You can also find Blogger in the list and by checking the desired network site, you can actually send the post details to that site by hitting the Send To button available by end of the post on Reader.

As WordPress is not there in the option, you will have to create that. To add your own WordPress blog in the list, click on “Create a custom link” option available at the bottom of that page. Now you need to enter three parameters to send a post to your own blog.

3. Enter ‘Name’ as your blog name. For example, “Internet Techies” in my case

4. Enter URL as below

To send only Title, URL and Source Website Name


To send complete content including Title, Post Content (Text, Images, Videos), URL


5. Enter Icon URL as the URL of the favicon of your site OR you may enter any other URL of your site’s small icon.

via Send Subscribed Posts from Google Reader to WordPress Blog.


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