iTunes 11 stops incrementing last played and play count

I found after I had updated to the latest iTunes (on Windows Platform) that my smart playlist played on iTunes, not my iPod, would not update the last played date nor the play count.

I quickly checked the “crossfade songs” option and I did have it turned on, after all who needs to listed to 5 seconds of fad out, turned it off.

I played a song in the same playlist, and it started to correctly update the last played date and play count. I turned it back on and it continued to work correctly.

“crossfade songs” is under edit, preferences. choose playback and uncheck the “crossfade songs” check box.

I found that it quits working again, if some menus or pop ups are open during playback. arg!

So I am guessing they got something to fix there. I can recreate the issue by showing the about while “crossfade songs” is checked and playing a smart playlist. The Up Next window does the same thing. I have also restarted iTunes, with crossfade songs checked the issue continues to reoccur.


I have also been able to recreate the issue with the mini player.  I have also had the issue occur with “crossfade songs” turned off, but I need more time to test.

apparently issue in on MAC also


4 thoughts on “iTunes 11 stops incrementing last played and play count

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