Mission Trip Thoughts

These are the things that are coming to mind that we need to deal with as leaders for the upcoming year.

  • We need to make our own timeline, deadlines, nothing concrete just a skeleton
  • Devotions, we need some sort of devotion for the pre-trip meetings
  • We need to decide how many pre trip meetings we are going to hold
    • Agenda for each meeting
  • Other than plumbing, what will we need to do while we are on site this year.
    • Will Plumbing take six (6=24 people /2 for each trip, /2 for approximate able body workers) people 5 days of 6 hour working days to completion?
    • Over plan activities (more to do then we can get done, we do not need to reveal all

Prison ministry with hopefully Yurgen.
Partner with Orsy church for more community ministry
Find out from Orsy what the needs are,
Plan a backup/alternative construction project.

Children’s home needs, repairs, tutoring, teaching, nursing activities.
Contact SeaGrape and alternative places to stay
What’s the update on flight prices
Scholarship announcement, requirements

Pray about roommates
Pray about team leaders for each project, each week.
Breakfast plans? No more Blanka Blonca? For breakfast
Dinner will be out just as last year.
Daily planner.
Wake at x time
List items needed for the day
Short unofficial community time

Find out details on plumbing job
Tools parts stools under the building by the rats!!! Lol

How do we make this more visible?
Be present between services, be visible. Should one of us stand at the kiosk each day? Each services? Have signs? Wear shirts? Between now and then we are full!

Pray about how we can design this trip and these activities to be a transforming process. God will do the transforming, we just need to put them in the right place (up on Mount Sinai).


Should we be thinking about a process to this? I mean like getting people interesting, feeling out if they are called, mentoring them along before team formation, team formation, trip, post trip sharing, spreading the news, needs engagement, encouraging others to seek


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