Study group members roll call

What do you do when a member of the study group drops out?

Try to encourage them to stick with it?

Choose topics that they are enthusiastic about?

Change the times or days you when you meet?

Personally those are all worthy, every member of the group is important to the success of the group. I suppose if too much stress is added by one person that might justify not putting in the effort to keep them in the group.

What do you do when the ENTIRE group drops out?

When that is exactly what happened just as we (I) started this blog… I sure hope that did not play any part in it.

So we had a good group, we were making progress, each we the chapter or subject got chewed up and push around until there was no one in the group that felt comfortable at one moment or another in the knowledge that they thought they knew coming in that day.

Work changed schedules, people changed jobs. And so one by one we are down to just me.

We tried to create this blog and a wiki to keep it going, however we get no participation. I am not sure if they are intimidated by the blog or the wiki, or if they have lost interest.

Time could be an issue, determination an issue.




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