The marathon chronicals

I signed up to run the Twin Cities Marathon.

And following this post will be my travels from a “no one” who ran no further than one mile at a time to crossing the finish line on October 7 th 2012.

So weird run today, I am still nursing an injured calf. (That is a story all it self). So after I came home from work, I found that I had time for 5k. So I took a run around the block. (yes I am lucky that one lap around the block, my block, is exactly 5k).  But anyhow, the reason for the run is to try and keep my base up, to the pathetic measly level it is at. But my plan is to run slower, as that does not hurt too much.

Before my injury I was just breaking the 10 minute mile. since my injury I had been targeting 12 minute miles with the occasional 11:30 perhaps 11 minute mile. That had been going good. However on Sunday I ran four miles and halfway through my stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, so very stupid calf started to give me some pain. I walked about 1/4 mile or so, then figured out a runing method to get me back home.

So back on today. I ran 5k, focus on running slow. But I never checked my pace, just ran and “Danced” along. Sometimes my Nike+ does not match my stride length exactly so I will track my run before I run so that there is absolutely no question about how far I ran. This time I decided to run the extra that was needed to complete the 5k according to the Nike+. When I was done I had 10:21 pace for the entire 5k, WHAT!! I thought I was running slow. How did I ever run that fast when trying to run slow…. and with no pain.

I guess it won’t be long and I will be running sub 10 with no pain.


Right now I am just hoping that I can run through, no walking, the “Get Lucky” 7K when I run with my cousin/sister. She should help keep my pace where it needs to be so that I can be ready for the TC Marathon.




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