The marathon chronicals

Yesterday I was able to convince my son to agree to sign up to run the marathon also. So I signed up officially and he has agreed to run it with me.
Now this is probably not that big of deal to some of you. Perhaps you are a not a runner and thinking a marathon is so far from your mind that you have it unfathomal.
Well here is my background and a little bit about why I want to run a marathon.

Start at the beginning. I ran track in high school, i was a sprinter. I would guess that Mr. Harris would not even know my name. I was the slowest sprinter on the team. A few of my friends were on the distance team. The brothers, and at least on one occasion they asked me to join, or something like that. I think that I was trying to find my event.  Anyhow, I recall telling them, there is now way I will ever run two miles. The 400 felt like early death to me. So why in the world would I want to run any further. Eventually I found my niche on the track team. Either I could continue being the slowest sprinter, or I could start to be the weakest disc and shotput’r. I chose the later because I could then run the weightman relay as my third event. It was nice to feel needed, and i had no problems with it, as i was still not that fast.

My running career ended after my junior year. Never missed it, never thought i would come back to it…. until next post!


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