Running Time

Time to run is now, find the time, make the time, just run. The people in this world that are successful are the ones that start now, not set a date to start.

I have been running since September and have been logging all of my runs since October, and syncing my runs with Nike+ since December 18, 2011.

as of today I have logged runs for about 180 miles.

my new year plans include

Run for 800 miles

Bike for 2012 kilometers about 5.5K a day.

Elliptical for 30 minutes a week. this one is low due to all the other stuff

Run for 20 day streak in January (including December)

Run for 30 day streak in February including January and March.

Streak run must be at least 1 mile in length at current pace.

I am no longer tracking my steps like I did previously. so far the best overall site for what I have and need. Great site for comparing like runs but limited to only runs Great site, no Nike sync at this time, but it is in the works. disastrous start to the Nike + Apple failed sync, failed logins I nearly gave up. Sight is slow in December 2011


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