Declare God’s Glory

Today’s lesson was about declaring God’s glory.

Does He need us to declare His glory? No, He is the Lord.

The parable about the three persons and the talents that there were given, 10,5,1 and the Lord returns to ask, what have you done with what I have given you? Not familure? Read it here.

Now jump back to Exodus 33 and 34.   Moses just brought down the commandments and broke them when all the meyhem that the Isrealites were doing, including the golden calf. Moses heads back up the mountain and as the story goes eventually Moses asks the Lord to let him see His Glory!?!?

when I was typing that in at first I was thinking that was very BOLD of Moses to want that and to actually ask it. But as I recall the story and how difficult times it was for Moses…It had been a very difficult recent past for him. Then I took the time to relate that to my difficult times. It was then that I could see the point that Moses was making to himself and to me. Frustration may have hit and he wanted proof of who he is following to lift his spirits? Perhaps some strong encouragement.

God obliged him and showed Moses His Glory, well kind of. No one could (can) see the Lord and live, so the Lord covered Moses with his hand. Moses Fell down and prayed and worshiped the Lord, declaring his Glory.


So now I am left to compare how my times are difficult to what Moses had to deal with. He was surrounded by people that all say they believe and follow the Lord, they worship the Lord, but yet the actions they take are so different then what he sees they should be.

My troubles are small compared to his, the amount of people that I am responsilbe for are small compared to his. My talent is small campared to his. His being Moses, but the Lord fits in a whole new way as well.


I love you Lord and Thank you for all you do.


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