Flooded Basement-Carpet Tacking

back in July on a Saturday Morning our basement flooded due to a five inch rain fall, according to the news 2 inches in about 30 minutes.

Shop Vac used to suck up all the water, glad that I had just purchased a new one just the day earlier. God works in mysterious ways.

We still needed to pull up the carpet, the wet area was about a ten foot squared area around the fireplace. We filled the ShopVac three times, that was a lot of water.My thoughts are that we do not have a chiminey cap and I am guessing most of that rain came down that.

We put fans on and blowing the carpet which we have folded up on the exercise equipment. Bout time that exercise equipment was used for something.

We then left for Vacation. Yes that is right, this was discovered as we were on the way out the door for vacation. Again God’s Glory shows through, we had no reason for discovering this moisture on the day we are only going to be in the house just a few hours after we wake. But he made sure that my wife was concerned that the family room was clean BEFORE we left and send the young one done there to pick up any pop cans and other trash. Thank you Lord.

After a week, we returned to dry floor. Thank you Lord.

I now needed to re-lay the carpted and tacked it, having never done that I got some information from here and here.

I was unable, in the short time I needed to get this done, find anything other then the knee kicker. Since I do value my knees, I also bought a rubber mallet and used that instead of my knee to pull the carpet.


I think I did an alright job. perhaps not perfect, but asking visitors if there are able to find the wrinkle, only my wife as found it. (Figures)



in July this year 2016 the water heater sprung a leak, and ruined the carpet that was nearly destroyed during the flood, The water heater was no more than 2 feet from the water heater but the floor is no longer level, so the entire basement carpet has been ruined.






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