Waiting for “Superman”

Waiting for “Superman”

2010 PG 111 minutes

Dynamic documentarian Davis Guggenheim An Inconvenient Truth weaves together the stories of students, families, educators and reformers to shed light on the failing public school system and its consequences on the future of the United States. In this Sundance Audience Award winner for Best Documentary, Guggenheim deftly examines the options to improve public education and provide Americas teachers and students with the help they need.Cast:Geoffrey Canada, Michelle Rhee, Bill Strickland, Randi Weingarten, Daisy Esparza, Bianca Hill, Anthony Black Director:Davis Guggenheim Genres:Documentaries, Political Documentaries, Social & Cultural Documentaries

via Netflix: Waiting for “Superman”.


What do you say when your kids are the ones on the top tracks? My two oldest kids did really well at school and the first one is off to University of Saint Thomas, planning on an engineering major. He however has no idea what that means. To me, that is where the school and I have failed him. I have noticed that these two kids have had to work only so-so to achieve this high grades. I myself have a diploma from Highschool and an Associate degree in electronics, from a now defunct two year tech school. I am proud of him for going to an University and my  hope is that he will finish and know who he is going to be or at least try to be in the future.

The movie is a must see, and a must correct situation.


No Excuses, we expect you to perform at TOP LEVEL!! Kipp Academy

As I watch the movie, not yet knowing the end, I cannot help but cheer on Anthony, a young man who is waiting some type of lottery to get into school. He says in the movie I just want to go to school. His odds are so slim, just to get an education, he must wait for his number to be drawn.

at teh school in Los Angeles there are only 10 spaces, as I watch the final spots given out, my heart cries out for these kids, there are so many that just want a chance


Anthony waits for 24 spaces at seed in DC in Washington, it looks like several hundred poeple are waiting to get in.

The movie covers several schools and follows several kids closely, I won’t spoil who gets in or not.


The movie ends with our system is broken and text to support number and the website offers more ways to support class rooms that are making a difference.


No fix is perfect, but the schools that fail time and time again, need to go, and especially those teachers that lead, or should I say trail the classes to drop from 100% to 40% attendance alone.

Hope you enjoy, support, and share!


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