The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Watch the moving “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” over the last couple of nights, as it was 2 hours long.  I liked it and it was suspenseful, has futuristic computer hacking (or unbelievable, depending on your point of view). With the name that it has you would expect it might be a bit sexy, or steamy and it has some of scenes that give the guys some eye candy. The story was good and the way it played out was pretty good, perhaps a bit too slow at times, but then the hero puts the missing pieces together faster then anyone else before.

I have a bad habit of figuring out what is going to happen or how they are going to end movies, and so I have to keep my mouth shut. So at some point I will say “I think I got it” and 7-8 times out of ten, I am right, or close enough that I really did not need to see the end. I am sure some of you are much better at it then me and you will find the movie a bit predictable.

See the Movie Here

Seven Stars of Ten


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