The Livesay Haiti visit June 19 & 20

I had the opertunity to see the Livesays today and it was nice to meet them, I wishi we sould have had more time to visit with them, but I am sure they are quite busy. I was a pleasure for the short time anyhow, I did get a chance to tell them how much stregth that God brings me through there mission to my mission.

We are blessed and totally honored to be sharing for a few minutes at the 3 services this weekend at:

via The Livesay [Haiti] Weblog: June 19 & 20.

Constance Free Church

which is located at

16150 Crosstown Blvd.

Andover, MN 55304

Saturday June 19 ~6pm

Sunday June 20 ~ 9 and 10:45am

Happy Father’s Day

to our Dads – and to so many Dads that are modeling unconditional love and integrity to your children, enjoy your day!


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