A very Safe way of looking at things

I found this today and I just love it, I have just started to see the world for this recently. WHAT IS SAFE to God anyway?

The safest place to be is in God’s will.

We once believed that this meant no harm would come to us or our family if we were at least attempting to follow Jesus to the best of our ability. These days that is seeming pretty shallow, wrong, and fairly self-centered. Why should it be easy and where did we get that cock-eyed idea anyway?

Things happen. There are challenges. Darkness attacks.

We’re slowly learning that He heals, that He turns things intended for evil into things He can and does use for good, but mostly in the battle against darkness and injustice there are no easy pathways of 100% guaranteed protection … because this is war and war is not without cost. In truth we’ve come to a place of recognition that our safety is not something we should cling to so tightly.

Does this mean we are never fearful?


We experience seasons of doubt and fear. We fear losing our children in Haiti. I find myself spinning tales in my mind of the horrible way I might lose one of them. I wonder how awful it will be to know that my choice to live in a place without great medical care could ultimately result in a death. At times it makes me want to tuck-tail and run back to a place I perceive as safe. But in my rational mind I know that I could lose them anywhere and at anytime – and that sometimes in order to follow Christ – increased risk and uncertainty will be necessary – and possibly even required.

I want to learn to be less fearful. I desire to be wise but not necessarily “safe”. I want to believe that my friends who are walking away from their safety-nets will be provided for in miraculous ways. I want to trust fully in my Father’s ability to get me through whatever the future holds; the mountains, the valleys, the good, the bad, through war or darkness.

via The Livesay [Haiti] Weblog.


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