Hello world updated!

This is the post that I tell you about the purpose of this blog, and a little about me. The Bread Crumbs is a blog about the bread crumbs that I choose to leave  behind for anyone that happens to read this blog. The reason for the name is very simple yet does lead to a bit of insight into me as well. Hansel and Gretal left behind bread crumbs to find the way back. I generally do not leave bread crumbs around anywhere, except the toaster. But I spend most of my live following bread crumbs. I have been asked many times how did you figured that out? What led you to this or that? My answer is usually the same, just follow the bread crumbs, IE the clues that the problem left behind when the it occured. More specific examples will come with time.

A little about me, I am a crumb, and I like bread.


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