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These are the articles I found interesting this week, hope you enjoy.

First on the list, one of my inspirations to get up off my rear end and do stuff, rather than sit in church and be complacent. Francis Chan. He points out how we in the American churches are strangely compelled to get comfortable in our pews, and not uncomfortable in the real world that Jesus called us out to be a part of. I know for me personally that this kind of thought process was how I lived for too many years. Please read the full interview, and please follow it up with the action that you are called to.

We are bombarded with messages urging comfort and safety. That’s what our flesh desires. We seek security through where we live or how much money we have in the bank. We’re so clouded by the world’s messages that we can’t see straight. We try to make American principles biblical principles. We’ve created a Christianized version of “the American dream.” We are tainted by the world, and it’s a fight every day not to conform.

People could read Crazy Love and for a moment say, “I want to live for eternity,” but they will hear contrary messages within a minute of putting the book down. Every day we’re pushed towards complacency and selfishness.

Next is an article on Theology, the author explains how his theology has grown though the years from I am right and you are wrong, into something more honest. I like the article as it really shows how many of us have changed in our beliefs, I however still cling that there can only be one right theology, and most of us will not fully understand it, as we are only human. Well worth reading.

…but there is another theology that I believe supersedes these – the theology of holistic reconciliation based on the life and words of Jesus who promoted love, grace, mercy and justice as the most critical components of our theology of the philanthropic God. When it comes to theology on issues, the most important theological question for me is “How does my theology of holistic reconciliation apply love, grace, mercy and justice to my theology on this issue that I have formed from my environment, noesis and experience?” And this, I hope, produces a more honest theology.

 Read Part 1 Here and Part 2 Here

Mock Drafts

With the NFL Free Agency starting this week, I am sick and tired of hearing all of the mock drafts, in the latest Mock draft Joe Montana is dropping to the third round, I guess this guy does not have what NFL GM and coaches are looking for in a NFL Quarterback. I mean give me a break! The mock draft has its place, but it is not now, it give only a small bit of insight in the week leading up to the actual NFL draft.

Try try again

You have heard that when you fail, try, try again.

Well here it goes again. Trying to blog up some things of interest.

Interesting articles that I have read and liked for various reasons.

Before I left to Honduras (on a mission trip) I started reading these blog posts from Red Letter Christians.

The first one I found was because of my love for missions, I found one about Katie Davis (Kisses from Katie). I enjoyed it and found that it related well with my beliefs, thoughts and convictions.

I have never been a writer, and want to be better at it then I am. I think I have grown quite a bit as a writer, but still have a ways to go.

I like the way that Bruce Schneier blogs, he puts up a one or two sentence summary of his thoughts and highlights a portion of the article that he is thinking is worth sharing. My Plan is to do similar once a week with as many articles as I find time to highlight.

wish me luck.



Do For One – Pete Wilson- Love it!

Pete comes through with another good one for me. Love it!

It’s always tough when you’re giving a message and you see a person in the crowd who is absolutely “losing” it. Yesterday, during our third service at our Nashville campus, I noticed a young lady who was emotional on and off through the entire message. Everything inside of me wanted to just stop the message, walk out to her and give her a big hug. I didn’t have a clue who she was and I would never embarrass someone like that. However, after the message I sat down in the auditorium to listen to the closing song and I could still see her sitting just a few seats away. She was breaking my heart.

But I remember thinking…What should I do? I see dozens and dozens of people getting emotional every Sunday. There’s not enough time in the day to work my way around to each of them. This is exactly why we have other pastors on staff. This is why we have community groups. I can’t chase down every single hurting person in our church.

I faced a similar situation earlier this week when I was driving home from work. It was freezing outside. I passed by a guy walking along the road headed into the opposite direction of me. I immediately felt what I believe now was a prompt from God to turn around and pick the guy up. However, in that split second I came up with all kinds of excuses like… maybe he’s dangerous and I’m already running late but the excuse that trumped them all for me was….

I can’t stop and pick up every single person walking along the side of the road or I will never get home. This just isn’t practical.

I remember years ago hearing a fantastic leadership talk from Andy Stanley where he said, “Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.” That’s stuck with me because I may not be able to help everyone, but I can help one. I can give to one like I wish I could do for everyone.

I’m quite confident that you probably grew up hearing from a parent or a teacher or maybe a coach, “If I let you do it, I have to let everyone do it.”

-Don’t give one classmate a piece of gum unless you can give all of them a piece.

-I can’t let you go to the bathroom right now because then I would have to let everyone go to the bathroom.

I get it. I understand why they instituted this principle. It’s just that as I read more and more about the life of Jesus it’s obvious he didn’t allow this principle to keep him from “doing” for people. Jesus didn’t disciple everybody. Jesus didn’t heal everybody. Jesus didn’t raise everyone from the dead.

So I sat there almost paralyzed with what to do for this girl. I decided to grab an offering envelope and write her a quick note of encouragement and let her know I’d be praying for her. As I walked out of the auditorium I dropped the note on her coat that was sitting in the seat next to her.

You know, I can’t do that for everyone, but it shouldn’t keep me from doing it for her.

So how about you?

You can’t adopt every single orphan in the world, but maybe God’s prompting you to adopt one.

You can’t fill every single volunteer vacancy at your church, but I bet you can fill one.

You can’t treat all your friends to a lunch out this week, but I bet you could treat one.

Do for one what you wish you could do for all.

via Do For One – Pete Wilson.


The Real God relationship

The Real God relationship

While the beginning of a relationship is often filled with intense emotions and big dreams, a successful marriage is built on an enduring commitment that holds firm through all the thrills and disappointments of life. Even when we don’t feel in love, we continue to act out of love. Emotional intensity fades, but the relationship grows deeper.

This is grown-up love: Endurance that acts in hope and submits itself to not-knowing. Commitment that requires neither constant affirmation nor threat. Love beyond the crisis.


The post God Beyond the Crisis appeared first on Red Letter Christians.

The Lord’s Day and Discipleship


Thanks for this post, as a Sunday servant of the Lord, I sometimes lose my ability to attend church services. I was starting to wonder why I really needed to attend like I am bigger or better than those that should attend. (I am clearly not!)

Originally posted on multiply:

Note from the editor: This article by James Harvey originally appeared here at Ligonier Ministries.


If you ask a Christian how to grow as a disciple, you may hear a wide range of suggestions: personal Bible study, one-on-one discipleship, small-group discipleship, men’s and women’s groups, attending conferences, campus ministries, community Bible studies, and so on. Within the past two decades, the Internet has grown to offer an abundance of additional resources. Audio and video presentations of sermons, seminary courses, and entire worship services are at our fingertips. We can all be grateful to God for these resources. To the degree that faithful, doctrinally sound study of God’s Word is taking place, all these endeavors will bear spiritual fruit. We are able to share in the gifts and graces of the church universal like never before.

A word of caution is in order, however. While God’s providence affords us unprecedented access…

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Jemar Tisby of the Reformed African American Network (RAAN) points out in a recent article that every Christian is called to be involved in missions, either by going or sending. For those whom the Lord does not lead to go long-term, Tisby gives 4 helpful and very practical tips for becoming a “radical sender”:

For the full article go here.

His Presence

I read this just this morning and it really hit me. I recall praying several times over the last few months to have God’s plan, His will, be done through us in the work we were doing. When we were finished I felt we were successful!

This morning I did a little reading in Exodus and saw this…

Exodus 33:15 “Then Moses said to him, ‘If your presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.”

God promised Moses he would send his angel before them and guide them to their God-given destination. This is what Moses has been waiting for. This is a win. A huge win. He’s assuring Moses success, but Moses doesn’t want success. He wants God.

When I read this I felt like someone had hit me in the head with a shovel.  Far too often as a leader I make success my God. I make success the destination. I’m willing to make a lot of sacrifices, even some unhealthy ones, if it means achieving success.We’ve all sacrificed things for….

larger church attendance

more money

nicer car

corner office

bigger title

noticeable popularity

Moses reminds us that no amount of success, plans, or dreams are worth it if it means less of God’s presence in your life.

Just a few verses before in verse 11 it says “The Lord spoke to Moses face to face as a man speaks to a friend.” I think Moses had grown so accustomed to God’s presence that it became the most cherished and prized thing in his life. He couldn’t imagine going a moment without it.

Can I be honest? I’m not there… but I want to be. I want to get to that place. I want to get to the place where I want God and His presence in my life more than anything this world has to offer.

How would you feel if God promised you success and victory but without His presence? Have you experienced God’s presence so consistently you can’t live without it?

via His Presence.

TCP MSS clamping – what is it and why do we need it?

Ivan hits it right on the head again. Thanks.

This (not so very) short video explains what TCP MSS clamping is and why we’re almost forced to use it on xDSL (PPPoE) and tunnel interfaces (TL&DR summary: because Internet-wide Path MTU Discovery rarely works).

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